S. K. CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES was formed by brave & enterprising mind of Mr. Suryakant Shah (BSc Chemistry) in the year of 1968 with a purpose to manufacture INORGANIC METAL FINE CHEMICALS ( I.M.F.C). Our first manufacturing facility was at Palghar (100 kilometre from Mumbai) and our products were sold throughout INDIA at that time.

Some years later his Son Mr. Amish Shah (BSc Chemistry) joined the company in 1986, still in his later years of his college, started looking into production of various chemicals. Soon the company realised that the need and demand of inorganic chemicals is huge in foreign market like USA & Europe, especially the high quality material which was already produced. So company started taking participation in trade fairs in European countries like UK, Germany & Switzerland and then started exporting various chemicals to USA & Europe.

Later in 2008, second manufacturing unit was purchased in Tarapur MIDC (125 kilometre from Mumbai) to increase the production capacity to adhere to demand of the customers. This unit also have company’s in house QC and RND facility where all related raw material and finished goods are tested and controlled as per customer request. As the years passed both the sons (Pathik Shah & Dhrumil Shah) of Mr. Amish Shah joined the organisation, and by keeping future demand for chemicals in mind, third unit was purchased in 2019 nearby 2nd Unit, but the production have not yet started. Currently the construction is going on and unit will be starting manufacturing products by mid-2021.

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Quality Control and R & D

We as a company take utmost care for our products quality of incoming and outgoing materials or products for a company, as well as the production procedures and see to it that it is produced only as per our customer request.

We are committed to serving the growing needs of a global marketplace and continues to develop strong relationships with international partners and customers.The collective wealth of experience of the research and development personnel augurs well for our future.

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We have an expert packing team who takes care of the packing of our finished products. We can offer numerous types of packing like Bottle , Jar, Bag Or Drum and other upon request. Also we offer packing options from 1 kg to 50 kg as per customer request.

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